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Environmental Test Chambers

Offering you a complete choice of products which include accelerated aging oven, salt spray chamber, eco model salt spray chamber, seal integrity tester, conditioning humidity chamber and hot air oven.

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Product Details:
Air-Flow DirectionDuel Air Flow
Capacity0-100 Kg
Max TemperatureAmbient to 300 Degree C
MaterialMild Steel and Stainless Steel



Accelerated Aging Ovens are used to detect the effects of elevated temperatures on the properties of material. Testing through these ovens is performed in air for a specified period of time at varied temperatures. The accelerated aging oven helps to measure the properties prior to and after the exposure of the material to high temperatures. The results displayed on the digital panel of the device represent a percentage of variation in properties with the exception of the variation in durometer hardness and variation in IRHD hardness.The change in hardness values of the material is reported as the change in hardness points of the material.



  • · Microprocessor based PID temperature controller cum Indicator
  • · T/P action to avoid overshooting of temperature.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: PAAD-35
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Product Details:
Interior Dimensions1800W x 800D x 1200H mm
Exterior Dimensions 1800W x 800D x 1200H mm
Chamber BodyFiber reinforced Plastic
Temperature Ambient to 60 C
Product TypeSpray Chamber
We are manufacturer of Salt Spray Chamber


  • Double walled chamber reinforced with glass wool insulation to prevent distortion and deformation due to high temperatures.
  • A solid Salt Solution Compensation bottle is placed out of sight for ease of cleaning and convenient operation
  • Includes high-pressure resistant drum
  • Air regulator with moisture cum oil filter
  • 8 function keys
  • Supports CF memory card
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Product Details:
Size500 x 400 x 400mm
MaterialMild Steel
Voltage220v to 420v
Power1.5hp to 6hp
Product TypeSpray Chamber

  • Work Space: Rectangular Inside 
  • It has been designed to asses the ability of rust proofed components to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. It is Double Walled (with glass wool insulation)
  • Body of the chamber is made up of FRP- Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Optional Accessories:

  • Reservoir Tank: 60 Ltrs.
  • Fog Collection Unit
  • pH Meter
  • Air Saturator


  • Temperature Range : Ambient to 60 degree Celsius. (Temp. Requirement – Salt Spray: 35 +/- 2 Degree C
  • Temperature Accuracy is +/-1 degree Celsius.
  • Temperature Controller is solid state digital programmable temperature Controller cum indicator with special Zero Corrosion PT 100 sensor.
  • Digital Timer of 999 Hours with Memory back up provided
  • Air Regulator cum Filter with Pressure Gauge : A moisture cum oil filter and air regulator ranging from 0 to 30 psi.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SSC-ECO-250
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Product Details:
Capacity 50 Kg
Accuracy +/- 1%
Area of Grippers200 x 200 mm
Power Supply 50Hz, AC
Volatge 220V
We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the Seal Integrity Tester.

Other Details:

  • Maximum testing with minimum manpower
  • Variable load can be applied
  • Pneumatically controlled & run
  • User friendly Touch screen controls
  • Dual Hand use or foot paddle use as per customer convenience. Use ful for all kinds of seal integrity testing of packaged materials
  • Air line to be supplied by client
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Product Details:
Inner dimensions 18"X18"X28"
Inside S.S.
Outside M.S.
Temperature range- Ambient to 60 C
Humidity Range- 65%-95%
Accuracy +2% RH

  • Digital Controller installed for accurate temperature and humidity control
  • Powerful compressors incorporated for providing rapid temperature variation
  • Temperature range : Ambient to 60 C
  • Reduced test cycle time duration
  • Humidity Range : 65% - 95% (accuracy +2% RH)
  • Electronic humidity sensor for reliable results
  • Lower maintenance cost than dry bulb wet bulb humidity control sensors
  • Touch sensitive programme controller for ergonomic ease

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: PCC-800
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Product Details:
Inner dimensions- 18"X18"X18"
Inside- S.S.
Outside- M.S.
Temperature Range- Ambient to 250 C
Temperature Accuracy + 1 C
Digital Preset timer 999 hours

  • Double walled chamber; inside fabricated using heavy duty stainless steel
  • Insulation within the double walls is provided by impartial mineral glass wool
  • Temperature range: Ambient to 250 C
  • Programmable Digital temperature controller cum indicator
  • Temperature regulation: +1C
  • Special T/P action ensures that temperature does not overshoot requirement
  • Hot Air Blower and Air circulation fan installed to ensure even temperature distribution
  • Two adjustable stainless steel trays
  • Digital Preset timer 999 hours
  • Imported PID controller
  • Forced convection with auto shut off facility

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: PS0-451
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Product Details:
Power rating of bulb: 1.8 KW
Exposure area: 1000 cm3
No. of Specimen: 9
Irradiance range: 0.35 W/m2 to 120 W/m2
Temperature can be adjusted from 300C to 800 C
Maximum power rating of Chamber: 2.5 KW
Size: 780 mm X 580 mm X 1040 mm.
Weight: 65 kilograms

Majorly polymers are use in a variety of industries for different use and purpose. The polymers and elastomers are also used for many applications where they have to be exposed to open environment for a long time. This exposure to open environment has a great effect on the quality and durability of the polymers as the environmental factors can cause fundamental changes in the molecular structure, chemical and physical properties of polymers. The Xenon testing chamber offered by Presto helps in testing the effect of environmental factors such as UV rays, moisture, sunlight, heat etc. The instruments is equipped with a heavy duty xenon arc bulb which has stable characteristic and helps in easy assessment of polymeric test samples under the influence of environmental factors. The instrument is manufactured according to the guidelines in various standards.


  • · High performance and long durability
  • · Stable and repeatable testing procedure.
  • · Complies with all the standards.
  • · Easy and simple operation


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Product Details:
Power rating of the xenon bulb: 1.8 KW
Lamp-life: 1500 to 2000 hours
Exposure volume: 2800 cm2
Irradiance range: 0.35 to 120 W/m2
Temperature range: 300 C to 800 C
Power requirement:220V AC, 50/60 Hz, 36 A.
Maximum Power Rating: 6 KW.
Size: 940 mm X 940 mm X 1735 mm.
Weight:40 Kg.

When the industrial polymeric products are exposed to open environment for a long time, this has a negative impact on the quality and lifetime of the products. The environmental factors have a deep impact on the molecular structure as well as the physical & chemical properties of the polymers. This implies that the manufacturers must test the effects of the open environment on quality of the polymeric products to decide their suitability to a particular type of working environments. This can also help them in enhancing the quality of the products by making changes in the composition of the products according to the testing data.

Presto is a leading manufacturer of highly advanced xenon testing chamber PSPL 867 that are used by a majority of polymer manufacturers in enhancing the quality of their products.


  • · Easy to operate
  • · Highly efficient and accurate
  • · Adheres to all the standards
  • · Comes with a user guide and conformance certificate
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Product Details:
Cabinet Size1000 X 600 X 800 mm (L X D X H).
Net weight 63 Kilograms.
Rotation speed 3.7 rpm.
Product Type Weathering Tester

The polymers and elastomers have to bear a lot of pressure due to their extended exposure to open environments. The environmental factors such as pollution, dust, moisture, Ultraviolet, heat etc. have a bad effect on the quality and durability of the products. The manufacturers have a great challenge to make their products enduring enough so that they could withstand these effects in a better way so that their products could last long and perform in a superior way in actual working condition. To enhance the quality of the products, first the manufacturers need to test the effects of the environmental factors on the properties of the products and materials so that they can make essential changes to the manufacturing processes to enhance the quality of the products. The Benchtop UV accelerated weathering tester is an ideal instrument for quick, easy assessment of the effects of weathering on the quality of the products. It is an effective and simple testing instrument which can easily replicate the actual working conditions to which the products are subjected to give an idea what would be changes in their properties. The instrument is a must have in any industry where polymeric or elastomeric products are manufactured.

Other Details:


  • The instrument consumes a total power of 1.75 KW.
  • The equipment need a power supply of 220±22 V/ 50 Hz. ± 0.5 HZ.
  • The temperature range that can be set in the instrument is RT 50 to 800.
  • The timing range of the instrument is easily settable from 1 hour to 99999 hours.
  • The spray timing of the equipment can easily be adjusted from 1 minute to 99999 minutes.
  • The lamp of the instrument has a rated life of 1600 hours.
  • The maximum irradiance that can be obtained from the instrument is 0.7 W/m2.
  • The distance between the test specimen and lamp wall is 50 mm.
  • The flow of water from the water pump ≤ 7 liters per minute.
  • The dimensions of the test specimen that can be tested through the instrument are 150 X 70 mm.



  • The instrument is incorporates a slowly and uniformly rotating sample rack that allows uniform exposure of the samples to the irradiance.
  • It is a very low power consuming instrument.
  • The equipment simulated the natural environmental conditions with great accuracy.
  • The equipment comes with a very low maintenance cost and hence is an economic way of material and product testing.
  • The instrument is rust proof as the components are made from high grade stainless steel.
  • The instrument strictly follows all the guidelines stated in various national and international standards.


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