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Pet & Preform Testing Instruments

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Analogue Top Load Tester

Top Load Tester – Analogue »

Analogue Top Load Tester checks buckling load of PET bottles. Coming with hand operated operation support, the system makes use of precision CNC machined guide screws for generating up and down process movements. Here, with load recorded on analogue needle type scale, the system comprises concave grips that support zero slippage while handling the testing processes.
  • Finding suitability for checking top load of PET Bottles
  • Features analogue gauge that records maximum top load bottle can bear through hand operated loading mechanism
  • Equipment coming with rigid metallic base plate
  • Also featuring powder coating in Autumn Gray & Blue colors
  • Features bright chrome/zinc plating support for corrosion resistant finish
  • Instrument comes with Calibration Certificate traceable to NABL approved Labs and Instruction Manual support
  • Concave grips for ensuring zero slippage while testing
  • For checking buckling load of PET bottles in PET bottle manufacturing industry
100kgf 500 mm

Torque Tester

Torque Tester Analouge »

Analogue Torque Tester is the user friendly equipment that finds usage in PET bottle industry including in pharmaceutical and beverage plants. Providing easy handling support, it can be it also comes with self adjusting holding fixture that allows convenient accommodation of any bottle shapes and sizes with zero slip chances.
  • Torque Tester finding suitability in working lab environment
  • Suitable for checking opening & closing torque of bottle caps in beverage, pharmaceutical companies, drinking mineral water processing units
  • Comes with suitable bottle/jar adjustable mechanism that allows accommodation of bottles/jars of different diameters
Used for checking opening & closing torque of bottle caps in -
  • Water plants
  • Beverage plants
  • Pharmaceutical sector
20 Lbs-inch 0.1 Lbs-inch

Torque Tester Digital

Torque Tester Digital »

Digital Torque Tester finds usage in PET bottle industry that is further used for pharmaceutical or beverage purposes. Offering easy handling interface, it comes with self adjusting fixture for holding of PET bottles of any shape and size. It can be made available in torque range of 20 Lbs-inch, 50 Lbs-inch, 100 Lbs-inch.
  • Handy finish that allows easy handling in laboratory environment
  • Unique self adjusting holding fixture that allows easy accommodation of any shape/size of bottles
  • Comes with zero slip assurance
  • Coming with imported kit support that provides for precision functioning support
  • PET bottle industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
Torque Range:
  • 20 Lbs-inch
  • 50 Lbs-inch
  • 100 Lbs-inch
  • Can also be delivered as per customers needs

Base Clearance Tester

Base Clearance Tester »

Base Clearance Tester is used for accurate measuring of gap between the bottle base and base dome. It is easy to handle and works as standard equipment.
  • Single push-button operations
  • Precision digital read-out
  • Used in measuring depth of bottle base vault
Used as Bottle Testing Instruments in –
  • Stretch blown bottling industry
  • Outside Body made of G.I. Sheet powder coated
  • Inner muffle of Ceramic with high grade ceramic insulation
  • Door insulation of HFK Fire bricks/ high grade ceramic insulation
  • Heating element are made from kanthal A1 Wire
  • A Uniform distribution through all 4 sides with kanthal wire
  • Max. Working temp upto 900 Degree C
  • Equipped with digital temp. Controller cum indicator fitted on top side of the unit with indicating lamps & switches
  • Power supply 230 Volts, 50 Hz
  • Controller Rating Approx. : 2.5 KW
Readings Digital display of readings with least count of 0.1 kg/cm2
Capacity 25 mm
Resolution 0.01 mm
Accuracy ±0.01 mm
Conversion Mm/Inch

Wall Thickness Gauge - Digital

Wall Thickness Gauge - Digital »

Digital Wall Thickness Gauge is easy to handle thickness gauge that makes use of magnetic process in achieving accurate and repeatable measurements on non ferrous materials. Among many industry usages, here it is used for measuring the thicknesses of walls and base of bottles coming in complex shapes without need of cutting them for gaining end testing results. The system also supports measuring of preform thickness.
  • Provides single reading and scan modes where probe is dragged over large measuring area
  • Providing display of minimum reading recorded during "scan"
  • Single step calibration support
  • Feather touch keypad operations
  • Resolution of ± 0.1 mm & ± 0.01 mm
  • Large LCD display support
  • Built-in calibration block with durable battery life
  • NABL Traceable Calibration certificate support
  • Used for measuring the wall and the base thickness on PET bottles in the plastics industry
Standard Probe (801 PR)
Probe Stand (80PRS)
Probe Cable (851 PC)
User manual (85MAN)
Pocket Reference Card (85 REF)
NiCad Rechargeable Battery
External power Supply/Charger for 8500
Power Cord
RS 2321/O Cable
Win 8500 Interface Program
Target Ball and Calibration Kit(80ACC-KIT), Including target ball Set(1/16", 1/8", 3/16" dia), Calibration Standards: 0.010"/0.25mm, 0.040/1" mm, 0.160"/4mm).

Preform Thickness Gauge  Digital

Preform Thickness Gauge Digital »

Digital Preform Thickness Gauge is used for the calculation of accurate digital readout with rigid frame support that firmly hold preforms in position so as to achieve accurate measurement. Also coming with provision of adjustable measurement locations, it helps in measuring preform’s concentricity and thickness and is compatible with 28mm, 38mm and other performs.
  • Allows precise measurement of concentricity and preform thickness
  • Compatible with most preforms in 28mm and 38mm finish
  • Also ideally suited for operations involving small size preform manufacturing
Used in Plastics industry for measurement of –
  • Preform thickness
  • Concentricity
Specifications :
Compatibility: Compatible with most 28mm and 38mm finish performs
Measuring position: Adjustable
Read-out: Digital in mm/inches
Resolution: ±0.01 mm
Max preform length: 215mm
Min inside preform diameter : 12mm

Preform NECK Cutter

Preform 'NECK' Cutter »

Preform 'NECK' Cutter are light and precise working single-handed shears that meets the demands of cutting as well as trimming preforms & neck of bottles. With the cutting performed using ratchet mechanism, its powerful cutting action can easily handle cutting of even large wall thicknesses including preforms bearing diameters up to 26 mm.
  • Light and precise single-handed shear support for cutting and trimming applications
  • Provides powerful cutting of even large wall thicknesses
  • Blade available with quick retraction options
  • Used for cutting and trimming of preforms & neck of bottles that is part of product testing process in plastics industry
Specifications :
Cutting: Fast cutting operation support
Retractable blade: Blade retracts quickly at push of button
Operation support: Ratchet mechanism based cutting of preforms & neck of bottles

Preform Perpendicularity Tester

Preform Perpendicularity Tester »

Preform Perpendicularity Tester is used for checking perpendicularity of performs/bottles and comes with turntable support on which preform/bottle is placed and rotated using probe that assists in checking possible differential in movement. Providing for reliable outputs through detecting slightest of deviations in set perpendicularity, while ordering we request clients to specify if they need it for preforms or bottles.
  • Used for checking perpendicularity of performs/bottles
  • Engineered to provide for reliable output and detecting even slightest deviations in set perpendicularity
  • For ordering support specify if required for preforms or bottles
Checking perpendicularity of preforms or bottles in -
  • Plastic industry
  • Designed to detect even slightest deviation in set perpendicularity
  • For ordering, customers need to specify if they require it for –
    • Preforms
    • Bottles
  • Digital readout support

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